Embroidery is the process of sewing a digitized design onto garments.

Once we have your logo or design digitized in an embroidery software format, it can be loaded into the computerized embroidery machines for sewing.

Each product that comes off the machines is individually checked for compliance with our quality standards. Our goal is to ensure that your products are representative of our highest quality service every time.

Embroidery creates an impression of quality & style. Excellent for polos, jackets, caps, knitwear etc. Embroidery will normally outlast any garment onto which it is applied. Recent advances in embroidery software mean that design /set up costs can be low and the new generation of embroidery machines run quickly with any number of colours being applied in a single operation. However large designs can be time consuming to produce & so costs can increase significantly relative to the size.

PROS - long lasting, looks expensive, full colour at no extra cost.

CONS - more expensive than printing, especially for large designs & not always suitable for very light materials.

Embroidery Prices

When you place an order for embroidered clothing there are two charges:

Embroidery Setup (aka Digitizing or Origination):

The first is an embroidery setup charge which covers the cost of having the design digitized and a jacquard created. This is a one off charge as once we have done this your design is stored and hence if you place an order in the future there will be no need to pay another setup charge. An average company or club logo is approximately 5000 stitches.

Embroidery Per item:

The second embroidery charge is a 'per item' charge which applies to each item that is customized. This charge basically covers the cost of labour, materials and our other manufacturing overheads. The per item charge is directly based on the number of items to be embroidered with the same logo and the number of stitches.